Gathering Ideas

3 10 2008

In order to get more punctum for my buck, this week I explored my classmates’ blogs to see what others are doing and find some inspiration. This is so new to me—I’ve resisted the My Space and Face Book phenomenon thus far, finding little particularly interesting beyond appeasing basic voyeuristic appetites. I also have an older PC which takes FOREVER to load Youtube and similar sites.

Being more of a hard-copy, printed text person, it’s a real stretch to find visual ways of thinking. I love how Nancy uses poetry and pictures on her pages, and Wil and Brian have some of the most hard-hitting pictures that truly are worth a thousand words. Jonathan’s so creative. Tamar and Chris are on another planet altogether—one day I hope to have half of their expertise! I’m getting to the others, but I have decided at least one thing—I can now justify getting a new computer!






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