Montage or View Master?

14 11 2008

            As I think about the readings on montage, it makes me wonder about how this might look in a PowerPoint presentation such as mine, which is more a reading of a paper/lecture punctuated with visuals to illustrate the point. PowerPoint seems to work more like those old ViewMasters we had when we were kids (do they still have them?) that would show slides on at a time, based on a theme usually, but almost no text (some captions, I think). Can I juxtapose disparate images, or would this be distracting and confusing? Can I have a bit of film playing as I am speaking, or would this too be distracting? The cartoon/comics strategies also suggest some interesting techniques, but since I think more in terms of text than images, this makes it hard for me to visualize my current project using these techniques. These are things I need to play around with.

            I also wonder about how many images I will need. Jason’s show used a lot more images than I have ever seen in a PP (granted, it was a long piece as well). I prefer fewer pictures and little text—I like outlines and a “keep it simple” approach—but this may not be what audiences prefer today. I also am still trying to figure out some of the technologies on my computer that would let me do more advanced things—I love the Mac, but the video components have been harder to master (for example, to get a useable clip, I have to use four different programs) and taken a lot of time which may have been better spent elsewhere. Even so, the more I use it, the easier it becomes.

            I do think I have an interesting literary topic, and the paper is pretty much done, so at least that part is finished. I guess I am on my own quest for an interesting presentation!




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