Research Project

I am interested in portrayals of women in sci-fi/fantasy films, especially those adapted from young adult novels such as Tuck Everlasting, Whale Rider, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Whereas the books portray strong female protagonists, male directors/screenwriters often use film techniques to reinforce more traditional stereotypes, thus subverting the authors’ original goals and choices. I hope to apply the concept of the female quest hero as posited by Carol Gilligan, Sheri O’Sullivan, and Roberta Seelinger Trites among others.



This clip shows Winnie Foster as imprisoned, a recurring motif in Tuck Everlasting.






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21 09 2008

hey david…you may want to think about writer.directo joss whedon…i think thats how you spell it…he did stuff like buff the vampire slayer…and serenity and film based on a TV show,firefly, that was cancelled after the first season…i won’t bias you with my opinion till i hear yours on buffy and firefly…you can find buffy and the firefly on The film, Serenity you’ll have to rent…but i think these would fit your topic

22 09 2008
David Isaacs

I love Whedon’s work, but he tends not to be based directly on literature, so while he fits the other areas, I’m not sure I can use him. Besides, the Buffy area is pretty well saturated right now. I couldn’t get into the Firefly series, but I’m going to try the movie.

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